“One of the reasons I chose Wake Forest is Coach Manning. Coach Manning and I got into the gym and worked on simplifying the game for me, being able to manufacture points and put an impact on the game…The things that Coach Manning put me through worked out. That’s the reason I chose Wake Forest. I had a lot of faith in Coach.” — John Collins, #19 NBA Draft Pick, Atlanta Hawks



0771068001456173095_filepicker1“Playing for Coach Manning not only prepared me for the next step in basketball but also for the next step in life. And I will always have great respect for him.” — James Woodard, University of Tulsa Men’s Basketball Player (2012-2016)




52a7c5f10e928.image“Danny is a coach who represents our program and university with class and integrity.  His basketball achievements as a college and NBA player speak for themselves.  His coaching accomplishments will be equally impressive as he is an excellent coach and recruiter.  Any parent would want their son to play for a coach like Danny because he develops a relationship with them that allows them to succeed both on and off the floor.  The impact that he is having on our players as athletes and people is incredible.  Our future is so promising with Danny leading our program.” — Ron Wellman, Wake Forest AD


Bill_Self“Danny Manning is one of the most accomplished, humble people you’ll ever meet. He’s done more in his life through the athletic world than just about anybody, but you would never know it in visiting with him as he never ever talks about himself. His focus on deciding to be a basketball coach was to try to share some of his knowledge and make others better.”

“Who wouldn’t want their son to be mentored by a guy who has everything you want your son to be? Think about it: he graduated, won a national championship, and was the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft, an Olympian, two-time NBA all-star, family man, has his priorities straight. Who wouldn’t want their son to be mentored by a guy like that on a daily basis.” — Bill Self, Kansas Head Coach



“How he treats everybody with respect, it’s just something you can idolize. You can go to him any time you have a problem or a situation. You can go to him and talk. He’s been helpful for me, just not in basketball, but in life. He has my utmost respect.” – Devin Thomas, Wake Forest Men’s Basketball Player (2012-2016)



markieff-morris“I’m blessed to have even met him. He’s the best big-man coach in the country. Any time that whistle blows and you look over to that sideline, he’s telling you what to do.” — Markieff Morris, NBA and Former Kansas Player




5249ef7be9501.image“Coach Manning is a man of vision and success. He is strong willed and family oriented. His confidence is contagious. He prepares you for life away from the game of basketball.” – Scottie Haralson, University of Tulsa Men’s Basketball Player (2010-2013)




Brown“Danny Manning is one of the premier names in the world of basketball. His accomplishments and experiences as both a player and coach give him the kind of expertise that simply cannot be matched.”

“He’s the best college basketball player ever in my mind.”

“He has a tough side, but he has this quality to calm kids down and make them listen and make them want to play for him.  That’s a special gift. Plus, he’s bright. He’s the whole deal for me.”

“Danny was the ultimate team guy. He dad, Ed, taught Danny early on how to respect the game and play the game right away.” — Larry Brown, University of Kansas Head Coach (1983-1988)


61672“A better basketball team, especially around here, means a happier community. If that’s all Manning did, he’d be an asset to Lawrence. Nobody would criticize him or think less of him if he took that path of least resistance, burning a trail from work to home and back. Not the case. Quietly, Manning, and his wife, Julie, have done a great deal for local charities that benefit those less fortunate.” — Lawrence Journal World


retiring_librarian_t180“Danny Manning was in the library every solitary morning before school. He didn’t come in to meet friends like a lot of kids. He came in to study. Education was really important to him.” — Martha Oldham, Longtime Lawrence High School Librarian




Danny CSF“Basketball has been a part of my life from the get go. I’m very fortunate and blessed for that to happen. It helped me get to where I am today.” — Danny Manning





sbnation-star-logo-whitev7210“With the success assistant coach Danny Manning has had developing bigs, KU fans should be excited about grabbing big men with high ceilings that could develop into future contributors.” — SB Nation