A Message from Coach Manning

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Basketball has been a part of my life since I was born.

 Throughout my relationship with the game – from watching my father play to playing myself to now coaching – I have witnessed the game of basketball expand from a recreational past time to high profile events that impact the way our society views collegiate athletics. My outlook and philosophies on the game have evolved with the times as well, but one important belief remains: organized basketball has a direct link to the development of our country’s youth. Collegiate basketball has the ability to reach communities by providing entertainment, physical development, social interaction and business opportunities. For the student-athletes, the game helps them to build character in terms of teamwork, loyalty and self-sacrifice.

In order to continue and develop as a coach, I constantly strive to study and learn new concepts of and within the game. Through this growth, I believe I have a greater understanding of what it takes for a student-athlete to achieve success on and off the court. I base my coaching philosophy off three pillars: commitment to hard work, a pledge to spare no effort and a willingness to sacrifice oneself for the betterment of the team.

I never lose sight of the responsibility of a coach.

I believe my primary role is to help develop each young man to his full potential, on and off the court.

I believe that the game of basketball is an amazing vehicle through which to teach important life lessons that are applicable in all areas of life. The game, when taught well, can teach hard work, discipline, competition, enthusiasm and passion. In today’s society, in which wins and losses tend to be the clearest markers of success, it becomes all to easy to dismiss one of the most crucial responsibilities of a collegiate coach: to teach accountability. I hold myself to the highest level of accountability to teach and model that value to my players, and in turn they will hold themselves and their teammates accountable.

By embracing the concepts of hard work, effort, sacrifice and accountability, players become prepared for life, obtain degrees and championships are won.


Danny Manning