A Letter To Coach Manning

Dear Coach Manning/Childress/Woodberry/Ballard,

OUTSTANDING CAMP! Let me start by saying that we have been invited to many Elite Basketball camps in the past, however your camp by far was the BEST! It was the most professionally ran and engaging camp that Ari has ever attended. When a Head Coach takes time to go outside and greet everyone, that’s Special. Coach Manning I admire the fact that you took it upon yourself to come out side in the heat to greet and meet each participant as well as their parents. That tells me that you are more than just a Coach, rather you are truly a special Human being. That stood out to us big time. Even some of the other Parents agreed.

Coach Childress’ enthusiasm and energy was fantastic! He always made sure that each player understood his expectations during the drills. He took time to explain each drill to the players while demonstrating the proper way to execute and reason. Continue reading A Letter To Coach Manning